The Haunting of Bron Y Garth Hospital, Wales

The Haunting of Bron Y Garth Hospital, Wales

Bron Y Garth Hospital

Opened as a workhouse in 1839, Bron Y Garth was to accumulate a history so dark and traumatic, many claim it to be one of the most haunted places in Wales. This institution was originally built to hold 150 individuals, providing the poor, destitute and homeless with lodging in return for laborious work.

Haunted Bron Y Garth Hospital, Wales.
Outside of what is claimed to be one of the most haunted places in Wales, Bron Y Garth Hospital.

The terrible and harsh living conditions of the workhouse were the final resort for so many and it wouldn’t take long for entire families with young children, many of which were single mothers, to fill its buildings. Yet, with no separate hospital for the ill or adequate hygiene within the workhouse, disease would become prevalent. Criminals would also find a place at Bron Y Garth, filling her jail cells with men who would endure hard labor, forced to sleep on metal wire beds and break stone day in and day out.

Staircase in the abandoned Bron Y Garth Hospital.
The abandoned interior of the old Bron Y Garth Hospital.

From 1918, Bron Y Garth would also hold people who were mentally ill becoming an asylum of sorts until it was converted to a hospital in 1948 and later officially closing her doors in 2009. With the closure of the building, many objects from the hospital’s past were left behind, yet some say a number of spirits remain trapped too, with estimates that hundreds of deaths likely occurred within Bron Y Garth’s walls.

Ghosts of Bron Y Garth Hospital

Since the building has only recently been opened to paranormal investigators, there is still much to uncover about what areas of the building may be the most active. Although, a number of repeating ghost stories have been uncovered.

Corridor of the haunted hospital, Wales.
Lonely sight of a wheelchair in an empty hospital corridor.

A young boy is said to haunt a hall leading to a former hospital care room where his father passed away. He is said to run, giggle and play in this area, making his way down the hallway and always ending up at one particular bed in the old hospital.

Bron Y Garth Hospital beds.
Empty beds in the former hospital.

A nurse has been sighted by many- still making the rounds, a young girl is seemingly trapped in the old maternity and infant care rooms,  and then there are the countless reports of the paranormal that have occurred all throughout the hospital.

Hallway in the Bron Y Garth Hospital.
A long hallway where paranormal activity has been reported.

Many people to visit have sighted shadow figures, heard disembodied voices or footsteps, people have been pushed or touched by unseen entities, while others have heard strange taps, witnessed doors slamming or heard childlike giggles echo through empty corridors.

Haunted, abandoned hospital in Wales.
Upside down cross in the haunted hospital.

Visiting the Haunted Bron Y Garth Hospital

Bron Y Garth Hospital is closed to the public, except for private or the occasionally planned paranormal investigation or ghost tour. The current owners are doing much work to renovate and save the building and there are some exciting plans for it coming in the future.

Ghost hunting in Bron Y Garth Hospital, Wales.
Looking for the ghosts of the Haunted Bron Y Garth Hospital.

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