The Haunted Drunken Admiral: Ghosts of Hobart, Tasmania

The Haunted Drunken Admiral: Ghosts of Hobart, Tasmania

The Drunken Admiral, Hobart

In a prime position along Hobart’s waterfront is a beloved restaurant. The Drunken Admiral has served the crowds of Tasmania’s capital for many years since 1979 to be exact. Yet, the building it is held within has a history that dates back even further.

Outside the haunted Drunken Admiral in Hobart.
The exterior of one of the most haunted places in Tasmania, the Drunken Admiral

In 1869 a building opened along Hobart’s dock that was to be used as a jam factory, yet would eventually become the Drunken Admiral restaurant we know today. It is told that a young boy named Henry Jones was to pick up work at this factory and eventually went on to own the business.

Inside the haunted Drunken Admiral restaurant in Hobart, Tasmania.
The wooden interior of the haunted restaurant.

The building as it exists today doesn’t throw off vibes of your traditional haunted location. It exists as a neat family-friendly restaurant that is nautical themed, boasting a wooden interior filled with memorabilia from Tasmania’s shipping past. However, it is commonly cited as being one of the most haunted places in the city.

Hobart's most haunted restaurant.
Entrance to the haunted restaurant in Hobart.

Hauntings of Hobart’s Drunken Admiral

Many visitors and staff of the Drunken Admiral have claimed to encounter the paranormal within the popular restaurant. One of the best-known spirits within the eatery is that of a little girl known as Millie. Millie is often described as quite a trickster, known for pranking the staff of the Drunken Admiral and causing just a little bit of trouble. Most of the complaints from staff about Millie’s activities are centered around the kitchen. She has been known to untie the straps on aprons and even turning off the gas so stoves stop cooking during service.

Figurehead displayed on the Drunken Admiral, Hobart.
A wooden figurehead guarding the entrance to the Drunken Admiral.

Although Millie is known for her mischief, she does share the space of the Drunken Admiral with another spirit who is perhaps even better known. It is thought that the spirit of Henry Jones still remains within the building he once owned. Many visitors to the Drunken Admiral have claimed to capture sight of his apparition. It is interesting to contemplate what his spirit thinks of the current use of the building as a restaurant.

The former jam factory now Drunken Admiral
A former jam factory turned restaurant in Hobart, Tasmania.

Visiting the Haunted Drunken Admiral, Tasmania

The Drunken Admiral is a novelty yet popular restaurant in the heart of Hobart. The restaurant is open nightly and serves up seafood. Bookings are recommended.

Skeleton at the haunted Drunken Admiral.
A spooky skeleton on display inside the haunted eatery.

If you would like to learn about other haunted places in Hobart, I recommend checking out the ghost of Princes Park.

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