Tasmania’s Haunted Parliament House

Tasmania’s Haunted Parliament House

Parliament House Tasmania

Parliament House in Tasmania’s Hobart has stood proud since 1840. The imposing building takes up space in the popular part of the city known as Salamanca Place. It was originally built as the Customs House, yet its purpose has evolved over time as Tasmania continued to mature.

Haunted Parliament House in Tasmania, Australia.
Ther historic and haunted Parliament House in Hobart, Tasmania.

It wasn’t until the early 1900s when this space was occupied solely by Tasmania’s parliament. Since then, many rumors have formed that the building may be haunted in interesting ways.

Ghosts of Parliament House in Hobart

While a place of parliament seems a rather unsuspecting place for ghosts and spooks to dwell, many consider Parliament House to be one of the most haunted places in Hobart. The majority of the ghostly phenomena to occur within the building is thought to be at the hands of its resident ghost who is known as Albert.

Haunted place in Tasmania, Australia.
Signage out the front of one of the most haunted places in Tasmania, Australia.

While Albert’s origins and identity aren’t exactly known, there are a couple of theories as to who he is and how he came to haunt Tassie’s Parliament House. The first theory relates to the skeleton of an unknown convict that was discovered in more recent times within a drainage tunnel located underneath the building. The second theory states that Albert could be the late premier, Albert Ogilvie, who died during his premiership in 1939.

Scary looking parliament house in Hobart.
A foreboding structure that is a house of parliament.

Albert Ogilvie, though having passed away while serving his term in parliament, did not pass over within Parliament House. He actually died while playing golf in NSW. Never the less, many believe his spirit to have returned to the building for some unknown reason. His ghost has been seen roaming the halls after hours many times. Other areas where people have reported activity include near the Speaker’s Chair, the House of Assembly Chair and even the library.

Visiting Tasmania’s Haunted Parliament House

Parliament House in Hobart is an interesting place to see whilst in Salamanca Place. Free guided tours are offered during the day that take visitors through the building.

Haunted building in Hobart.
Side view of the haunted building.

If you enjoyed this article and are interested in checking out other nearby haunted locations, I recommend the Drunken Admiral, which lies just a short walk from Parliament House.

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