10 Most Haunted Dungeons and Torture Chambers

10 Most Haunted Dungeons and Torture Chambers

Dungeons and Torture Chambers

Throughout history, mankind has proven it has the capacity to commit great acts of cruelty. Dungeons and torture chambers are testament to this cruelty being places of great pain, suffering, despair and of course death. Given their uses and history, it makes sense that these dungeons and torture chambers would be haunted by those who perished within them in the past. This article will explore 10 of the most haunted dungeons and torture chambers in the world.

10. Buda Labyrinth, Hungary

The first scary dungeon/torture chamber on this list brings us to the heart of Hungary, in Budapest. Here, hidden deep underground is the Buda Labyrinth. This is a dark, winding network of tunnels directly beneath the city. It is also said to be one of the most haunted places in the country.

Haunted Buda Labyrinth.
Impaled heads on display inside the Buda Labyrinth, Budapest.

The Buda Labyrinth is essentially a series of tunnels and caves just below the grandiose Buda Castle. The labyrinth has even been used since ancient times, as tools and artifacts that are extremely aged have been discovered down there.

It is the darker side of this tunnels’ uses that have left stains of the paranormal behind. In the past, the Buda Labyrinth has been used as a torture chamber, prison, dungeon and even a wartime shelter. A number of skeletons have also been located in the depths of the labyrinth, many believe that these have only contributed to the paranormal activity in the tunnel system.

Haunted tunnels in Buda Labyrinth.
Exploring the haunted caves and tunnels of the Buda Labyrinth.

Some of the most common scary events to occur in the labyrinth are hearing disembodied voices or screams, sighting apparitions and there are even reports of meeting one’s doppelganger in one particular area of the tunnels. Further rumors that Vlad Tepes, the real-life inspiration for Bram Stokers Dracula, was once imprisoned in the tunnels and that his spirit remains exist. Though, I’m not sure if this is more of a myth than a historical fact.

9. Lagow Castle, Poland

Our next destination lies in Poland, within Lagow Castle. This structure has stood in the center of town, with all its rich history, since 1299. Today, the castle, which once stood as a fortress, has been converted to a lavish upper-class hotel. However, this castle-turned hotel has a special twist for the brave, boasting a torture-themed room where guests can spend the night.

Torture room inside the Lagow Castle.
Torture themed room inside the Lagow Castle, which has been converted to a hotel.

Apart from looking super creepy, this room is said to be the area where the original torture chamber for the castle existed. It is of course also haunted. Supposedly, the spirit of a commander who once owned the castle appears at the foot of the bed to men who spend time in the room. Though he has been sighted numerous times, the first report of this ghost dates way back to 1820.

A famous ghost story of lost love also took place at the castle. This story tells of an enemy prince who was captured by a knight and thrown into the dungeon. He soon became well known due to his beautiful singing voice, which the townspeople could hear coming from his cell. Later, the sister of the knight who had imprisoned the prince became interested in meeting the man with the beautiful singing voice. She then bribed the dungeon guard, and it wasn’t too long before the couple fell deeply in love.

Historic castle in Lagow, Poland.
Inside the main tower of Lagow Castle.

Sadly, this love was forbidden and the knight’s sister was already promised to marry another man. On her wedding day, the imprisoned prince was ordered to sing at her wedding. He refused, was beheaded and is now said to haunt the dungeon, with people claiming to still hear his ghostly singing.

8. Tower of London, England

Our next haunted destination brings us to England and the Tower of London. This historic castle has a long history, with the oldest structure on the grounds being the White Tower, which dates back to 1078 when it was built by William the Conqueror.

Tower of London near Tower Bridge.
The Tower Bridge beside the White Tower in London.

The Tower’s bloody past of course has involved moments of torture and the site has even functioned as a prison during its lifetime. The castle is also claimed to be very haunted, with many believing it to be one of the most haunted places in England.

Torture rack in Tower of London.
The rack on display in the torture area of the Tower of London.

Some of the ghost stories associated with the castle involve people who were imprisoned and later executed, including the famed Anne Boleyn. Plenty of other spirits are said to haunt the grounds. The tower today, also boasts a pretty impressive collection of torture devices, such as the rack. Therefore, it seems entirely possible that ghosts of those imprisoned, tortured and executed could still remain within the grounds of the castle. Some areas even restain graffiti left behind by prisoners. Could their souls still be trapped, just as their final words remain etched into the stone walls of the Tower of London?

7. Corvin Castle, Romania

Our next haunted dungeon lies within the picturesque Corvin Castle in Hunedoara, Romania. The castle dates back to the 15th century and has a dark past and a number of ghostly legends.

Haunted Corvin Castle in Romania.
Corvin Castle in Hunedoara, Romania.

The stunning stronghold of Corvin has served many purposes throughout its lifetime, yet of course, has been used as both a prison and torture chamber. Supposedly, at some point during his life, Vlad Tepes, Vlad the Impaler or the real-life inspiration for Bram Stokers Dracula, was captured and imprisoned in a dungeon beneath the Hall of Kings. It is claimed that Vlad was imprisoned here in the darkness for some 7 years during the early 1400s.

Legend has it that within his small, dark cell, Vlad was traumatized. He was constantly met by the sounds of other fellow prisoners being tortured and executed. This is also said to be where Vlad developed his taste for blood, surviving solely on the blood of dirty rats he captured in the dungeon. Whether there is any truth to these stories or not, there are claims that Vlad’s spirit still remains at the castle, haunting it to this day.

Haunted dungeon in Corvin Castle.
Corvin Castle boasts a haunted dungeon and torture chamber.

Other spirits are said to remain within the castle, which makes sense given its dark past. Corvin also contains a vast collection of torture devices and a pit where prisoners were fed to wild animals such as bears.

6. Real Felipe Fortress, Peru

Our next haunted location has protected Peru’s coastline since the mid-1700s. The Real Felipe Fortress is an impressive stronghold located in an area that was commonly targeted by pirates, as well as where many battles for Peru’s independence were fought.

Haunted Real Felipe Fortress.
The Real Felipe Fortress in Peru, said to be one of the most haunted places in the country.

Today, the historic buildings contain the country’s military museum, but it also boasts one of the most brutal dungeons on this list. Which is of course considered to be incredibly haunted.

The fort’s dungeon lies deep within the belly of the King’s Tower. It is here that one will find a long narrow prison. This is a place where up to 80 men would be crammed, squeezing them into the tight space, unable to move and forced to slowly starve to death. The horrific passings from those who were imprisoned within are thought to have made this one of the most haunted places in the fort.

Dungeon inside the haunted Real Felipe Fortress.
The haunted dungeon in the Real Felipe Fortress.

Here, people have sighted shadow figures, heard disembodied voices of people crying out in pain, felt sudden temperature drops, seen light anomalies, and then there are the footsteps bangs and knocks commonly heard when no one is near.

5. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Now, onwards to our next location, Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. This iconic castle has remained perched on a hill overlooking Edinburgh since the 12th century. The fortress has seen countless sieges, battles and deaths throughout its lifetime, making it one of the most haunted places and castles in the United Kingdom.

Haunted Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.
Looking up at Edinburgh Castle perched over the city.

In addition to these many battles, the castle also boasts a pretty spooky dungeon. This is considered to be one of the more haunted areas of this castle, though it has many. It is said that all of the pain, suffering and torment from those who died down there have left behind residual energy.

Edinburgh Castle, haunted places in Scotland.
Gloomy sky covering the haunted Edinburgh Castle.

Former prisoners who perished in the poor living conditions of these dungeons, from malnourishment, disease or even brutal torture methods are claimed to linger where they died. Supposedly, many to visit the castle have heard and seen things in the dungeon, which could be considered paranormal.

4. Leap Castle, Ireland

Next up is a gorgeous little castle in the Irish countryside that is one of the most notoriously haunted places in the world. Leap Castle dates back to the 1200s and is a place containing a lot of dark history involving, battles, murders and torture.

Haunted Leap Castle, Ireland.
Leap Castle in Ireland.

The part of Leap Castle, which we are most interested in for this article, was uncovered during more recent excavations. Inside the Bloody Chapel, appropriately named for its history of murder, there was a small dungeon discovered.

This dungeon consists of a small opening, which would likely have had a trap door entry, where victims would have been dropped to fall to the bottom. From here, they would never leave, though others may have been dropped on top of them to suffer the same fate of a slow painful death. This type of dungeon is known as an Oubliette, meaning ‘to forget’ in French.

Leap Castle Bloody Chapel haunted.
Walking through the bloody chapel of Leap Castle.

It makes complete sense that this room would be haunted given that the dungeon contained the bones of some 150 different people when it was discovered.

3. Fort Santiago, Philippines

Manilla in the Philippines is where we find our next haunted dungeon. The Fort Santiago, which dates back to the 1500s and was designed in a Spanish fashion. Its original use was intended to keep the surrounding area safe.

Haunted fort in Manilla, Philippines.
The haunted Fort Santiago in the Philippines.

It has seen many different uses over the years, yet importantly has functioned as a prison, both during the Spanish Colonial period and during WWII. These prisons sported poor living conditions, suffered from overcrowding, and saw the torture and countless deaths of many within. It’s also what is predominantly said to have made the fort so haunted.

Haunted Fort Santiago in the Philippines.
Standing at one of the entrances to the haunted dungeon of the fort.

In addition to one of the Philippine’s national heroes haunting this fort, Jose Rizal, there are thought to be countless other spirits remaining. Many of these are said to be former prisoners that were both tortured and executed in the dungeons after the Japanese captured the fort during WWII. Visitors to the area have claimed to sight the apparitions of these prisoners, as well as feeling sudden drops in temperature, hearing screams from the past and even claiming to be touched by unseen forces.

2. Chillingham Castle, England

We now make out way back to England to perhaps the most notorious castle on this list, Chillingham Castle. This fortress dates back to the 1300s and has an extremely bloody past.

Haunted torture chamber in Chillingham Castle.
The torture chamber inside the haunted Chillingham Castle.

It of course ranks so high on this list not only for being haunted, but because it boasts both a torture chamber and a dungeon. The castle’s torture chamber is an infamous place and was home to perhaps England’s most notorious torturer, a sadistic man known as John Sage.

Sage is responsible for torturing and killing what is rumored to be thousands of people at the castle. It is his ghost that is said to haunt the torture chamber to this day, remaining there as a truly dark force. He is said to be malevolent and wishes to inflict harm on visitors. In addition to Sage, some of his victims are also said to remain trapped, and it’s not uncommon for people to report hearing their distressed screams.

Chillingham Castle torture chamber.
A victim inside Chillingham Castle’s torture chamber.

Another area of the castle where paranormal activity is said to have occurred is the small dungeon. Here, marks are still etched on the wall from the prisoners held within, and an oubliette still displaying bones is present on the floor of the horrific cell.

1. Cachtice Castle, Slovakia

The number one place on this list has been held for the world’s most prolific female serial killer and her castle. Welcome to Cachtice Castle, high in the mountains of Slovakia, the place where Elizabeth Bathory, better known as the Blood Countess once lived.

Elizabeth Bathory Castle, Cachtice.
The tower of Cachtice Castle where Elizabeth Bathory passed away.

This castle dates back to the 13th century and was passed into the possession of Bathory in 1575 as a wedding gift. It was here that the brutal torture and murders of hundreds of young girls would take place deep below the castle in a dark dungeon. It is said that Bathory killed up to 650 young girls to bathe in and drink their blood, hence protecting her own youthful appearance. This is where her nickname of the Blood Countess came from.

Though the legitimacy of these crimes is often debated, Elizabeth was trailed for these murders and confined to a tower at the castle where she would pass away. The Blood Countess is now said to haunt Cachtice Castle, though so are her victims.

Torture chamber Blood Countess Castle.
Torture chamber is hidden beneath Cachtice Castle.

Many claim to have sighted full-body apparitions of those tormented souls roaming the area, as well as shadow figures and then there are those to have heard the cries of young girls echoing through the castle and its underground dungeon.

Which do you believe is the most haunted dungeon or torture chamber?

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