Haunted Marree Hotel, South Australia

Haunted Marree Hotel, South Australia

Marree Hotel, South Australia

The Marree Hotel was the first building erected in the small, remote town of Marree. Being built back in 1883, the Marree Hotel became an institution within the town over the years. Once even being called the Great Northern Hotel. The Marree Hotel has remained continuously operational throughout its life and has played host to many different Caretakers and owners. Today, it remains a popular place for locals and those passing through the outback, though some to visit have reported rather strange encounters inside the hotel.

The Marree Hotel in South Australia is haunted.
Standing outside of the haunted Marree Hotel.

Ghosts of the Marree Hotel

Many to spend time within the Marree Hotel have claimed to witness and feel strange, unexplainable phenomena. There have been a number of deaths in the hotel including a man who hanged himself in a room upstairs, and another man who was poisoned while spending the night. This might explain why some have witnessed a dark shadow, shaped like a man, walking around the ground level of the hotel. Someone even claims to have sighted the ghost of a man in room 6 approach her to sit on her bed.

Haunted hotel front stairs.
Front stairs and lobby of the haunted hotel.

Other guests have also claimed to sight a woman’s ghost walking around upstairs. This is also where most report to feel an unsettled, scary vibe. Staff have even claimed that glasses have moved around by themselves and been thrown from the countertops in the bar area.

Hallway in the haunted Marree Hotel.
Hallway upstairs where many have sighted the ghost of a mysterious woman.

Visiting the Haunted Marree Hotel

If traveling through Marree, the old hotel is definitely a place worth checking out. They have amazing accommodation options, both inside the hotel and in modern cabins surrounding it (which are not said to be haunted). The pub also boasts an impressive selection of food and drinks, while the staff are inviting and friendly. The nearby Marree Railway Station is also worth checking out and holds its own ghost stories.

Haunted Room 6 Marree Hotel.
Room 6. Said to be the most haunted room in the hotel.

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