Ghosts of the Marree Railway Station and Abandoned Locomotives

Ghosts of the Marree Railway Station and Abandoned Locomotives

Marree Railway Station

Marree is a small, remote town in the Northern parts of South Australia. It was first surveyed in 1883 and was connected to other towns with a rail line in 1884. The Marree Railway Station became an important part of the town’s history and allowed for the transportation of cattle, coal and passengers across South Australia. The station worked to serve the state until the 1980s when it was officially closed down. The station still remains in Marree to this day and has preserved much of the small town’s history within.

Marre railway station in Australian Outback.
The Marree Railway Station in South Australia.

Marree’s Abandoned Locomotives

The now disused Marree Railway Station also plays host to a number of abandoned locomotives. Along the former rail lines now sit three locomotives, which act as time capsules to the past. these machines were diesel/electric locomotives from the Commonwealth Railways LSU Class. Each of them was built in the 1950s and worked along these rail lines until their eventual retirement.

In an abandoned locomotive.
Inside one of the abandoned locomotives.

Hauntings of the Marree Railway Station

Rumors that the old Railway Station is haunted have circulated Marree for some time. Supposedly, some people to visit have claimed to hear disembodied footsteps still making their way across the platform, as well as other strange noises that seem as though they could belong to the past. It remains to be told whether this is actually an intelligent haunting or something more residual still remaining from the station’s operational days.

Haunted train platform in Marree.
Standing on the platform where some people have reported potential paranormal experiences.

Some have even claimed to sight a dark, shadow figure inside one of the locomotives. This shadow is shaped like a man and presents itself in the front cabin of the locomotive. Some have speculated that this could possibly be a driver from the past, still working the machine.

Front cabin in haunted locomotive.
Inside the front cabin of one of the locomotives where some have seen something strange.

Visiting the Haunted Marree Railway Station

Marree is an interesting town to visit. It is a difficult and remote area to access, so care should always be taken driving there. The Marree Railway Station sits at the front of the town and each of the locomotives sits along its connected rails. When visiting I highly recommend also stopping by the Maree Hotel, which has a great menu, accommodation options, bar and even a few of its own ghost stories.

Haunted and abandoned Railway Station in Marree, South Australia.
The haunted Marree Railway Station.

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