Haunted, Abandoned Military Hospital on Corregidor Island

Haunted, Abandoned Military Hospital on Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island Hospital

Corregidor Island exists just off the coast of Manila in the Philippines. It is a place of great historical significance, mostly related to WWII. The island was a strategic port that allowed those who held it to rule over Manila and thus the entire country. For that reason, it was a highly sought after base during the war and was seized by both the US and Japanese militaries at varying times.

The old military hospital on Corregidor Island.
View of Corregidor Island’s old, now overgrown, hospital.

Many battles were fought on the island and air raids saw countless bombs dropped across Corregidor. Huge amounts of death were experienced and the many structures scattered across the island’s lands were destroyed or sustained tremendous amounts of damage. One of these buildings, which today is left in tatters, is the island’s old hospital.

Ruins of an old WWII hospital on Corregidor Island in the Philippines.
Looking out at the ruins of the hospital that sits on Corregidor Island in the Philippines.

The Corregidor Hospital was built in 1912 with the purpose of housing medical staff for the treatment of wounded soldiers. The island’s history ensured that this was a busy destination on Corregidor and one that saw many soldiers treated within its walls. Unfortunately, the building was also a destination where many drew their final breaths.

Abandoned hospital in the Philippines.
Exploring the depths of a supposedly very haunted abandoned hospital.

Ghosts of Corregidor Island’s Former Hospital

Since the abandonment of the ruined hospital, now nothing more than a concrete skeleton, rumors have swirled that it is the most haunted place on Corregidor Island. There have been many people who claimed to have experienced or witnessed paranormal events within or around the old hospital.

Hospital on Corregidor Island is very ruined.
The old Corregidor Hospital is now crumbling into decay.

One of the most common reports of activity to occur is of the auditory kind. Cries and screams of pain, assumed to be from past soldiers, are said to echo through the empty, crumbling walls of the hospital. In addition to these sounds of pain and anguish, many have even claimed to hear disembodied footsteps and the normal hustle and bustle of a functional hospital continuing to operate.

Corregidor Island in the Philippines.
Skull and crossbones adorning the walls of the most haunted ruin on Corregidor Island.

Visual anomalies have also been witnessed. Shadow figures, orbs, light anomalies and even full-bodied apparitions have been sighted all throughout the old hospital ruins.

Haunted hospital ruins in the Philippines.
The eerie structure that slowly crumbling and rumored to be filled with ghosts.

Visiting Corregidor Island’s Hospital

In order to visit the Corregidor Hospital ruins, one will first need to make it to Corregidor Island. Boats leave bi-weekly to the island from a dock in Manila. Tickets for the boat, tours, or to stay at the hotel’s resort can be purchased online. Bus tours guide visitors to the main sites of the island and provide a buffet lunch.

Corregidor Island's haunted hospital.
Exploring the depths of what is said to be the most haunted area on Corregidor Island.

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