Mile-long Barracks: Ghosts of Corregidor Island

Mile-long Barracks: Ghosts of Corregidor Island

Haunted Mile-long Barracks

The beautiful, ghostly Mile-long Barracks rest on Corregidor Island, just off the coast of Manila in the Philippines. Though the old barracks do not stretch for a full mile (coming in at just one third) they are still an impressive sight to see.

Mile-long Barracks on Corregidor Island in the Philippines.
The ruins of Corregidor Island’s Mile-long Barracks.

The structure is currently unsafe and has sustained extensive damage from enduring bombing during WWII. Before it was destroyed, the building functioned as housing for many soldiers and officials that were stationed upon Corregidor Island. The building was an impressive three-story structure that housed many American soldiers, though today it is just a crumbling skeleton of its once glorious self.

Looking for ghosts on Corregidor Island at night.
Inside the haunted Mile-long Barracks at night.

Ghosts of Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island is considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. War and battles fought on the island between the US and Japanese militaries have created the foundations for these alleged hauntings. Since Corregidor Island was an important and strategic base to hold, it was fought over quite a bit. To hold Corregidor Island, was actually to hold Manila. For this reason, both the US and Japanese led attacks on the island and took turns in holding the power of the stronghold. This, in turn, led to many battles, air raids and massive loss of life, including thousands of soldiers’ deaths on the island.

Haunted army barracks on Corregidor Island, Philippines.
The old army barracks, barely standing today.

It is these fallen soldiers who many believe continue to haunt the island. Many people believe that the Mile-long Barracks could be one area where these soldiers are said to linger. It was, after all, a place where many of them lived and spent a lot of time during their lives. Some people even claim to have captured the apparitions of these soldiers in photographs within the empty Mile-long Barracks.

Inside the Mile-long Barracks.
Debris inside the crumbling ruin.

Visiting the Mile-long Barracks

The Mile-Long Barracks can be seen by those who make the trip over to Corregidor Island. The island can be accessed by a ferry on either a day trip to spend the night at the island’s resort. The barracks are visited during the island’s tour.

Ghosts of Mile-Long Barracks.
Exploring Corregidor Island’s haunted Mile-long Barracks.

If you are interested in learning more about haunted Corregidor Island, I recommend checking out the Malinta Tunnel Hospital.

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  • Mark

    Posted by Mark on November 5, 2019

    Hey Amy,
    You know I enjoy your videos immensely and you seem to be doing your homework about the sites you visit. I just want check if you are finding out where the unexploded ordinance has been removed in the areas you are frequenting, if not please do. Keep up the great vids and history.


      Posted by Amy on November 7, 2019

      Hey Mark. Thank you, I really appreciate this comment. We did not find out as many of the unexploded bombs remain undiscovered. We did make sure to stick to well-trvallled paths though, so we weren’t fearful of running into trouble. Cheers for checking in though.

  • Dan Hayes

    Posted by Dan Hayes on October 6, 2022

    Does anyone know of a “mile long” saloon that was in the Pacific Theatre during WW2. Thanks


      Posted by Amy on October 16, 2022

      There was the remains of a theater down the far end of the Mile-Long barracks. We did visit it during our visit to the island. It was also a bit run down (no roof etc), but interesting to explore. I don’t recall if it was the theater you’re referring to.

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