Ghosts of Corregidor Island: Haunted Philippines

Ghosts of Corregidor Island: Haunted Philippines

Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island lies just off the coast of Manila in the Philippines. Although the island itself is small it is filled with historic sites heavily linked to WWII. The stronghold of Corregidor was a fundamental position to hold during the war, as it allowed access to Manila Bay and was essentially the key to capturing the Philippines. For this reason, it was targeted by the Japanese who managed to capture it from the US. They were only able to hold this position for a few short years before the US claimed back Corregidor, in turn adding to the bloodshed of the island.

Haunted ruins on Corregidor Island, Philippines.
Just some of the ruins left standing upon Corregidor Island, thought to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines.

Today, many structures still remain, despite their torn and withered appearance. They barely stand as omens to the destruction the island once saw, being the second most bombed place in the world. Visitors to the island will also find memorials to those who lost their lives during the war and a number of ghost stories.

Given the bloody history of war, battles, death and bombings Corregidor Island has seen, it comes as no surprise that many people claim it to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines.

Hauntings of Corregidor Island

The entire island of Corregidor is considered to be haunted, which makes sense when reflecting on the history of the land. While there are many ruined buildings still standing upon the island, some are more notorious for ghost stories than others.

Corregidor Island abandoned and haunted buildings.
Walking through the eerie ruins left abandoned on Corregidor Island.

The Old Corregidor Island Hospital is thought to harbor the most ghosts. The military hospital dates back to 1912 and played a pivotal role during times of war, treating injured soldiers. Many people have claimed to hear the cries, screams and footsteps of soldiers being treated at the hospital still today. Some have even claimed to hear noises that make it sound as though the hospital is still in operation, yet it now only remains as a crumbling skeleton. Many visual experiences have also been reported here with shadow figures, apparitions and light anomalies all being common.

Haunted old Corregidor Island Hospital.
The Old Corregidor Island Hospital is believed to be the most haunted place on the island.

Another area that many paranormal enthusiasts find interest in is the Malinta Tunnel. This humongous tunnel was bored into the side of a mountain in 1922. It has since been used for military storage, office space, a bomb shelter and even as a 1000 bed hospital. The tunnel saw large scale death after the US attacked the island to reclaim it. At this time, some 3000 Japanese soldiers committed suicide within the tunnel to avoid capture. This is thought to have left behind an incredible amount of paranormal energy. Some have claimed to sight figures dressed as soldiers within the tunnel systems. There have also been suddenly forming cold spots, poltergeist activity and that feeling of being watched reported by many people within the haunted Malinta Tunnel.

Inside the haunted Malinta Tunnel in the Philippines.
Peering into a blocked off section of the very haunted Malinta Tunnel.

Other areas of interest on the island include the Mile Long Barracks. This was where many soldiers lived during their time on the island and rumored to be incredibly haunted with some claiming to sight apparitions within the inaccessible upper floors of the ruin. Battery Way is another point of interest. A place which came under attack during the great battles of Corregidor Island, and another location many have claimed to encounter ghosts. Finally, there is a place named Bloodstone Beach. This is a location where many stones appear to have been stained by the blood of soldiers. While this has been proven not to be blood by geologists, it certainly paints a picture of just how brutal the battles upon the island were.

Mile Long Barracks still standing on Corregidor Island, Philippines.
The skeletal-like remains of Corregidor Island’s Mile Long Barracks.

Visiting Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island can be reached by ferry from Manila. Tickets should be purchased ahead of time and tours of the island with complimentary lunches are generally included. A single resort exists upon the island and can be booked to stay for those wanting to venture out at night.

Looking for ghosts in the Philippines.
Exploring some of the most haunted buildings in the Philippines.

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