Serviceton Railway Station Haunted by Ghosts

Serviceton Railway Station Haunted by Ghosts

Serviceton Railway Station

A grand old railway station remains etched in time along the borders of Victoria and South Australia. Long abandoned and disused, the Serviceton Railway Station is an epic reminder of both the opulence and the darkness a station of its time could provide. Built in 1889 and remaining in service until 1986 the station is an important historic landmark within the small town of Serviceton.

Haunted railway station in Australia.
The grand old railway station of Serviceton, Victoria.

With the occasional freight train still passing by the empty station, a stir is created within the building. The walls rattle, the floors rumble and some say ghosts roam.

Serviceton Railway Station haunted.
The refreshments hall inside the station.

Hauntings of Serviceton Railway Station

Many have claimed the former station to be haunted by its past, with the site’s history providing plenty of reasons for ghosts to remain. A number of deaths have been experienced at the station. There were many accidents to occur along the rails including suicides, workers being crushed, cars being hit by trains, an unfortunate soul becoming stuck on the tracks while trying to cross and then there was the fatal collision between two trains on the foggy night of September 7th, 1951. This accident saw the Adelaide and Melbourne Express trains hit head-on, which resulted in the death of 24-year-old Keith Hoskins.

Platform of haunted railway station, Australia.
The railway station’s platform where many tragedies took place.

Some say Keith may have remained at the station since his death. He is thought to be the man some visitors have sighted standing at the end of the train platform late at night. However, he isn’t the only spirit said to haunt the station. A woman nicknamed “Betty” has been sighted within the main building, while another lady is claimed to haunt the upstairs bedroom. There are also rumors that young children may haunt the station also.

Haunted bedroom in Serviceton Railway Station.
The bedroom upstairs, said to be haunted by a woman.

A range of other strange occurrences have been reported with Evp being captured throughout the building. Some have also claimed to be touched, scratched, felt vibrations and heard footsteps around the premises.

Haunted hallway in Serviceton Railway Station, Victoria.
The haunted hallway where some have captured EVPs.

Another reason why some say the Serviceton Railway Station may be haunted is the fact it remains the only rural station in Australia to contain prison cells. Underneath the building in a cool, damp cellar remain a number of holding cells, where prisoners were stored while train passengers would pass through state customs.

Haunted prison cells at railways station.
Underground prison cells beneath the railway station.

Visiting the Haunted Serviceton Railway Station

The Serviceton Railway Station remains open to the public daily as a historic museum. It contains a number of artifacts and plenty of information detailing Australia’s rail lines. It is well worth a stop-in for anyone making a road trip between Victoria and South Australia.

Haunted Serviceton Railway Station.
Stairway inside the incredibly haunted railway station in Serviceton.

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    You guys rock!


      Posted by Amy on February 21, 2022

      Thanks for tuning in Andrew.

  • Peter Jessie Mayer Rothschild

    Posted by Peter Jessie Mayer Rothschild on December 6, 2022

    Walhalla in Victoria an Old Gold Mining Town is full of Action of the kind you call Paranormal. But it’s just te Past playing over n over lot heart aches.


      Posted by Amy on December 22, 2022

      Perhaps what we would call a residual haunting? Thanks for sharing.

  • Peter Jessie Mayer Rothschild

    Posted by Peter Jessie Mayer Rothschild on December 6, 2022

    I did job in Walhalla Victoria old Gold Mining town and got pushed 2 hands in the back I was told later her Ashes wear in the garden I was relieving myself on her garden .
    Told by ex owner that their cat was in front of the fire place no fire asleep it jumped up ran up the wall across the ceiling and threw a screen front door and the wife of the ex owner said his wife was shoved 2 hands off the back steps .
    But Walhalla the old gold mining town I always stopped as I did work up there Teleco telecommunications tech so I’d stop the car at the river bridge say get out as one day my ex was shoved hands in coat pockets and fell on her face .So we would say okay ghosts get out and go home as your not coming with and it worked ..
    Worst house was a remote one and the place was haunted tenants always fled we did job there had to come back I had bad luck all day after returning to that house I stopping the car when we left and told ghosts to get out and my son opened the rear door and it was slammed hard by someone and we never returned so sometimes you don’t know what awaits one hey.
    Anyhow we had lots happened over the years but that’s w happened when we worked up in the high country in Victoria Australia.


      Posted by Amy on December 22, 2022

      Cool, Peter – thanks for sharing some of your experiences.

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