Old Diplomat Hotel: Most Haunted Place in Baguio

Old Diplomat Hotel: Most Haunted Place in Baguio

Old Diplomat Hotel

A haunting and notorious reminder to the dark past that once shrouded the Philippines exists in the form of the Old Diplomat Hotel. This domineering building stands proud as the former Dominican Hill Retreat House, built back in 1913. It was constructed as a place of peace for local friars and nuns to inhabit, but it was destined to become something truly evil.

Full moon over Old Diplomat Hotel
The full moon shining brightly over the haunted Old Diplomat Hotel.

WWII saw the Japanese invade the Philippines and seize Baguio from the rule of the US. The Old Diplomat Hotel was to become a strategic stronghold for the Japanese with sweeping views of the city and its surroundings. It became a base camp for a special Japanese Police force and terrible crimes. Many of which included rape, torture, murder and massacre. Nuns, priests and even children and babies weren’t spared from murder within the hotel.

Old Diplomat Hotel by night.
The front of the building that makes up the notorious Old Diplomat Hotel.

As the war was coming to an end and the Philippines was being liberated, the Old Diplomat Hotel sustained damage from bombs. As the US reclaimed power in the city, many Japanese soldiers are said to have committed suicide within the building. This was more honorable to them than surrendering or capture.

Baguio Philippines most haunted place.
Dark hallways of Baguio’s most haunted building.

Following the war, the Old Diplomat Hotel fell into abandonment and its condition deteriorated. It was later purchased and converted into a hotel in the 1970s. This was done by a fake healer who conned many terminally ill people into believing he possessed some sort of powers and as a result, he gained cult-like status.

Fountain of the Diplomat Hotel.
One of the infamous fountains of the Old Diplomat Hotel.

Later, the hotel was again closed and fell into abandonment. Today it is considered to be one of the most haunted and certainly one of the most notorious places in the Philippines.

Abandoned former hotel.
Winding staircase inside the abandoned former hotel.

Ghosts of the Old Diplomat Hotel

Many people have claimed to witness and experience the paranormal within the Old Diplomat Hotel. These claims seem to be backed up and gain validity when considering the aggressively dark history of the building.

Most haunted building in the Philippines.
Crumbling and creepy interior of the most haunted building in the Philippines.

There are believed to be many spirits that reside within this notoriously haunted building in Baguio. These include nuns and priests (especially those who are missing either a head or a face), there are also said to be Japanese soldiers, children/babies, victims of the fake healer and many more spirits who had the misfortune of passing through the building at the wrong time.

Fireplace in Diplomat Hotel.
Fireplace inside one of the hotel’s rooms.

All throughout the building people have claimed to sight apparitions. They’ve also heard screams, cries, banging noises and voices that are seemingly unexplainable.

Cross on top of Old Diplomat Hotel, Philippines.
The original and iconic cross that sits atop the Old Diplomat Hotel.

Visiting The Haunted Old Diplomat Hotel

The Old Diplomat Hotel is currently open to the public. During the day entry is free, yet at night the site is much harder to access and typically locked up. I recommend checking out Pine City Fright Tours to see the Old Diplomat Hotel at night and hear about its ghost stories.

Haunted place in Baguio, Philippines.
Exploring the ruins of this haunted place in Baguio.

If you want to check out other haunted places in Baguio, I recommend the Japanese Tunnels in the Botanic Gardens.

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