Hotel Del Coronado’s Mysterious Hauntings, San Diego

Hotel Del Coronado’s Mysterious Hauntings, San Diego

Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego

The Hotel Del Coronado is an exquisite beachside gem where many famous people have chosen to soak up the Californian sun. The luxurious hotel has catered to beachgoers and high profile visitors alike since 1888. Just a short distance from San Diego’s heart on one of its surrounding islands, the beach-lined hotel is a popular getaway despite its dark past.

Haunted Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California.
San Diego’s skyline framed by the stunning, though haunted, Hotel Del Coronado.

The Hotel Del Coronado and Kate Morgan

By 1892 this hotel managed to gain infamy after a young woman by the name of Kate Morgan checked in. Kate was placed into Room 3312 (now 3327) but she would sadly never check out. It is said that Kate ended her own life by shooting herself upon one of the hotel’s staircases just near the ocean.

Most haunted room at the Hotel Del Coronado.
Kate Morgan’s room, thought to be the most haunted place inside the Hotel Del Coronado.

There seemed to be much mystery surrounding the death of Kate Morgan, with little background information or a motive known for her suicide. This may be one reason as to why her highly publicized death managed to capture the imaginations of the public. Many theories swirled about Kate including one of the more popular tales that she was awaiting a lover at the hotel for several days, who never arrived to rendezvous.

Most haunted hotel in California, the Hotel Del Coronado.
This massive hotel is thought to be one of the most haunted in California.

Many people believe that Kate Morgan was to become the first ghost of the Hotel Del Coronado. She is now rumored to haunt Room 3327, which is where she spent her short stay at the hotel. Both guests and staff have allegedly experienced paranormal activity in this room, which is now dubbed the most haunted at the Hotel Del Coronado. This activity ranges greatly and has been described as electrical disturbances, such as appliances turning on or off by themselves, doors and windows moving on their own, sudden temperature drops and hearing unexplainable footsteps or voices inside the room. Although Kate Morgan is said to haunt this particular room, that hasn’t stopped some others claiming to see her apparition all throughout the hotel.

Haunted hotel in California.
Creepy hallways of the haunted hotel.

Other Ghosts of Hotel Del Coronado

Although Kate Morgan is the most spoken of ghost at the Hotel Del Coronado, there are said to be a few others that haunt this spooky hotel. One of these ghosts is said to haunt Room 3519 and has some interesting ties to Kate. Rumor has it that this was the room of a former maid who managed to befriend Kate during her stay at the hotel. The legend goes, after Kate’s death, this maid mysteriously disappeared. Ever since her ghost is rumored to haunt her former room. There have allegedly been some very strange happenings inside this room too, including poltergeist activity, that has even been so intense some have been forced to cut their stay at the hotel short.

Haunted room 3519 at the Del Hotel.
The notorious Room 3519.

Interestingly, there has also been some ghostly activity reported in the vicinity of the hotel’s gift shop!

The haunted Hotel Del Coronado.
Walking the dimly lit haunted halls of this luxurious hotel.

Visiting Hotel Del Coronado

The Hotel Del Coronado is a stunning sight to see, regardless of actually staying at the hotel. Those wishing to stay within the haunted hotel rooms should definitely contact the hotel ahead of time to make arrangements. The hotel is enormous and specific accommodations such as this should be planned in advance.

Haunted hotel in San Diego.
Looking for the ghosts of the Hotel Del in San Diego.

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