Japanese Tunnel: Haunted Places in Baguio, Philippines

Japanese Tunnel: Haunted Places in Baguio, Philippines

Baguio’s Japanese Tunnel

A hidden network of secret tunnels spans underneath Baguio, the Philippines Summer capital. Part of this network (known as the Japanese Tunnel) has recently become accessible. But only to those brave enough to venture into its darkness. It was in these dark depths, meters beneath the floor of Baguio, that many of the city’s most disturbing events played out.

Entrance to Japanese Tunnel
The entrance to the notorious and supposedly haunted, Baguio Japanese Tunnel.

Ghosts of the Japanese Tunnels in Baguio, Philippines

Baguio became a popular destination for many after the Philippines was declared as American territory. This made the city a target for the Japanese military during WWII.

Inside the Japanese Tunnel
Peering outwards from the darkness of the Japanese Tunnel in Baguio’s Botanical Gardens.

The Japanese rallied hundreds of prisoners to create an underground tunnel system. They used this system strategically against US soldiers and citizens within Baguio, as well as to store weaponry and ammunition. The tunnel system was vast and of great advantage to the Japanese, until it was discovered by their American opposition.

Inside the Japanese Tunnel
Walking through a series of dark underground tunnels beneath Baguio.

The US military took swift action after discovering the Japanese had built this underground network, threatening their safety. They proceeded to bomb each entrance to the tunnel network. This saw many Japanese soldiers trapped inside, doomed to face death by starvation. Legend states that to avoid starvation, many of the soldiers committed suicide. Additionally, there are wilder rumors claiming some turned to cannibalism while attempting their unsuccessful escapes.

Path to the Japanese Tunnel
A pathway into darkness and one of the most haunted places in the Philippines.

Today, only a small section of the tunnels can be accessed. Though this is a small section, it is said to be extremely haunted. Plagued by the ghosts of the once trapped Japanese soldiers who died within it. Some visitors have captured sight of apparitions, while others claim to have been touched, heard voices when no one is around, or even experienced a sudden onset of dread.

Inside the Japanese Tunnel
A scary tunnel where many people claim to have sighted ghostly apparitions.

Visiting the Japanese Tunnel in Baguio

The one section of the Japanese Tunnels that can still be accessed lies within Baguio’s Botanical Gardens. The attraction is open daily (along with the park) and free to enter. the tunnel system is relatively short and your path will be lit by dim lamps, scattered along the path. I highly recommend visiting if you are in the area. Make sure to explore the gardens while there too.

Exploring the Japanese Tunnel
Exploring and investigating one of the most haunted places in Baguio, Philippines.

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