Lenna of Hobart Ghosts: Haunted Hobart, Tasmania

Lenna of Hobart Hotel

The Lenna of Hobart is a historic mansion in Tasmania, Australia. It today functions as a hotel, bar and restaurant, all whilst maintaining its original integrity and structure. The grandiose sandstone mansion was built in 1874 by Alexander and Harriet McGregor. Alexander was a shipbuilder and merchant by trade, using the property and its strategic placement to assist him with growing his fortunes. He set about having a large turret added to the roof of his home, allowing him to see ships from London approaching Hobart’s docks.

Haunted Lenna of Hobart Mansion.
View of the front of the Lenna of Hobart Mansion. A historic and haunted location in Hobart, Tasmania.

While the Lenna of Hobart remains a magnificent site of importance to Tasmania and a popular place for visitors, there are some rumors that it has a darker side. Many believe the Lenna of Hobart to be one of the most haunted places in Australia.

Haunted turret on the Lenna of Hobart.
Exterior view of the wooden turret built atop the Lenna of Hobart Mansion.

Haunting of the Lenna of Hobart

The Lenna of Hobart is a popular destination on ghost tours in the Hobart area and it is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the city. It’s domineering appearance certainly gives off vibes for a real-life haunted mansion, yet it is the stories of its former owners lingering within its walls that have solidified the Lenna’s paranormal infamy.

Haunted mansion in Hobart.
The wooden staircase inside of Hobart’s haunted mansion.

It is the Lenna’s former owners who are believed responsible for the ghostly activity that frequently occurs within the mansion. Both Alexander and his wife Harriet have allegedly chosen to remain within their home in the afterlife. It is known that Alexander died in his bedroom when he was 75 years old. Harriet’s death is shrouded in some more mystery, with some accounts stating that she committed suicide by jumping from the great heights of the Lenna. However, these reports are not substantiated by any recorded history.

Night time at the haunted Lenna of Hobart.
Outside of the most haunted house in Tasmania by night.

The area of the Lenna of Hobart that is allegedly the most haunted is the turret, that remains prominent and proud upon the mansion’s rooftop. This wooden tower, built from old ships that Alexander once owned, is a place of great interest to those intrigued by the paranormal. It is where many have captured sight of both Alexander and Harriet, as well as heard their unmistakable footsteps pacing on the wooden floor when no one is around.

The Lenna of Hobart Hotel's haunted turret.
Inside of the turret, said to be the most haunted area of the Lenna of Hobart.

Although the spirits of the Lenna of Hobart’s former owners are mostly seen and heard in the turret, they have been reported all throughout the mansion. It is thought, however, that the turret remains a place where much energy lingers since it was heavily used by the couple during their lives.

Stairs leading up to the turret.
The steep wooden stairs leading up to the mansion’s turret.

Visiting the Lenna of Hobart Hotel

The Lenna of Hobart is open daily. The actual mansion contains a bar and restaurant open to the public. The entire mansion can be toured, including the turret by day. The hotel part of the Lenna of Hobart is a modern detached building from the actual mansion, joined by a raised, above-ground tunnel.

Chandelier in the bar of the haunted mansion.
The chandelier that adorns the mansion’s ‘Chandelier Bar.’ One powered bu gas until it was fitted to electricity in 1914.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you are interested in learning about other haunted places in Tasmania, I highly recommend the Royal Theater in Hobart.

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