Margam Castle: Most Haunted House in Wales

Margam Castle: Most Haunted House in Wales

Margam Castle

Margam Park is a sprawling, pristine estate filled with spectacular gardens and many family friendly points of interest. Free entry to the park adds to its popularity, enticing locals and tourists alike to visit. What most do not realize as they explore and picnic within the grounds, is that Margam Park holds a long and sordid history. In particular, Margam Castle, which is commonly thought to be the most haunted house in Wales.

Margam Castle most haunted house in Wales.
Exploring Margam Castle, considered to be the most haunted house in Wales.

Though not an official ‘Castle,’ Margam Castle was constructed in a Tudor Gothic style to resemble one in the early 1800s by Christopher Talbot. Though the mansion is not of a great age, the land on which it stands certainly is. The area of Margam Park in Wales is known to have been inhabited for the past 4000 years and most recently, before the construction of Margam Castle, an 11th century abbey stood on its grounds.

Inside Margam Castle.
The haunted grand entrance stairway of Margam Castle.

When the Talbot families claim to Margam Castle ended in the 1940s, the building slowly fell into disrepair and was further damaged by fire. Though the once grand mansion no longer stands in all of its former glory, it still remains, acting as a time capsule which has captured much paranormal energy.

Haunted Margam Castle.
Looking out the window of one of the most haunted places in Wales, Margam Castle.

Ghosts of Margam Castle

There are many ghost stories associated with Margam Castle. The most famous and active ghost within Margam Castle is that of Robert Scott. Robert was a former gamekeeper who once lived and worked on the mansion’s grounds, until he was murdered, being shot by a poacher. It is thought his untimely and unfair murder has left a sour taste in his mouth and caused his spirit to linger within Margam Castle and Park. Although he is sighted all throughout the castle grounds, he is most commonly seen on the main staircase in the entrance to Margam Castle. He is also thought responsible for frequently occurring poltergeist activity. Many of those who have attempted to reach out and make contact with Robert, have found that rocks and pebbles will mysteriously be hurled at them. Suspected to originate from the angered spirit of Robert Scott.

Margam Castle haunted by children.
Upstairs inside the haunted Margam Castle of Wales. Haunted by the spirits of dead children.

Other spirits are thought to exist within Margam Castle, namely those of young children. In the upper floors of the mansion, particulary the back rooms, which made up a former nursery, see high instances of paranormal activity. Many people have claimed to sight the apparitions of young children, described as wearing Victorian era clothing in this area. They’ve also been heard, giggling, playing and running along the wooden floorboards. Tour guides have even claimed to lose living children from their tours, only to rendezvous with them later and have them claim to have been playing with the other children… Even though there are no other children around.

Margam Castle roof.
The roof of the glorious but haunted Margam Castle.

Further more, the sightings of black shadow figures all throughout the castle and its wider grounds is a common occurrence. Many have also heard the sounds of disembodied voices and footsteps, when no one is around.

Margam Castle.
Outside shot of the castle.

Visiting Haunted Margam Castle

If visiting South Wales, a visit to Margam park is highly recommended. The park is free to enter and contains an array of activities, all of which are also free. Margam Castle’s grand entrance staircase is open to the general public. If you are interested in taking a look at its upstairs areas and learning more about its history, pay a visit to the Friends of Margam Park office located just across from the cafeteria. Volunteers here are helpful, friendly and will provide a guided tour of the home. They also support great children’s charities and throw free events for families throughout the year, so be sure to keep and eye out for their donation boxes.

Margam Park ruins.
Exploring the ruins that adorn the haunted Margam Park.

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