Marilyn Monroe’s Ghost Haunts the Roosevelt Hotel

Marilyn Monroe’s Ghost Haunts the Roosevelt Hotel

Roosevelt Hotel

The Roosevelt Hotel is certainly one of the most iconic places in Hollywood. It has provided accommodation to some of the world’s biggest stars since it opened its doors in 1927. To this day, the Roosevelt Hotel’s name remains synonymous with film and old-world Hollywood charm. It continues to cater to guests looking for upscale lodging in the Hollywood area, but there are some moments in the hotel’s past that have left the building tarnished by the paranormal.

Haunted Roosevelt Hotel
The iconic sign lighting the roof of the haunted Roosevelt Hotel.

Ghosts of the Roosevelt Hotel

Without a doubt, the most famous ghost said to dwell within the Roosevelt Hotel is that of Marilyn Monroe. Although this seems cliche, it also seems equally appropriate that Hollywood’s most famous starlet should permanently reside in Hollywood’s best-known hotel. In life, Marilyn often frequented the Roosevelt Hotel, so much so that she even had her own room reserved just for her. Since her death, many visitors staying in her old room (1200) have claimed to encounter her spirit. The most common of these interactions with Marilyn are sightings of her apparition. Her ghost will typically appear to visitors in the room’s mirror where she no doubt once spent time gazing upon her own reflection.

Roosevelt Hotel, haunted Los Angeles.
Old school Hollywood glam inside of the notorious Roosevelt Hotel.

Although the Roosevelt Hotel can boast having one of the world’s most famous ghosts, Marilyn Monroe is not the only celebrity said to haunt the grandiose hotel. There have been reports of guests also encountering the ghosts of Montgomery Clift, Carole Lombard, Humphrey Bogart, Carmen Miranda and Betty Grable.

Haunted hotel in Los Angels.
Looking for ghosts in one of Los Angeles’ most haunted hotels.

Though this star-studded ghost list seems impressive, other lesser-known spirits also occupy the space and deserve recognition. It is also said that a young girl wanders the hotel in search of her mother. Though many have claimed to interact with her, no one truly knows her origins. Others have also reported to sight a man dressed in 1930s attire in the famed Blossom Room.

Spooky hotel in Los Angeles.
Standing outside Hollywood’s spookiest hotel.

Visiting the Haunted Roosevelt Hotel

Despite the paranormal ties the Roosevelt Hotel possesses, it is also an incredible piece of Hollywood history to experience. Rooms to stay can be booked online or the hotel’s bar, restaurants and lobby can be explored just by walking in.

Roosevelt Hotel ghosts.
Looking out over the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel.

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