The Midnight Game: DO NOT Summon the Midnight Man

The Midnight Game: DO NOT Summon the Midnight Man

The Midnight Man

The Midnight Man is an elusive entity that can be summoned by playing the Midnight Game. Many people fear the Midnight Game and it is said to be one of the more dangerous paranormal games to play. Fail to hide from the Midnight Man during gameplay and you could pay the ultimate price, your life!

Midnight Man, Midnight Game.
Beware, summoning the Midnight Man could be dangerous.

How to Play the Midnight Game

To play this game you will need to gather a few basic supplies. These include a candle, pin, lighter/matches, piece of paper, writing implement, salt and find an appropriate wooden door.

Step 1:

Gather all of your supplies and get ready to play the game. You will need to begin just before midnight.

Supplies for paranormal game.
You will need to gather supplies to play this paranormal ritual.

Step 2:

Write your full name upon your piece of paper. This must include all given names such as your middle name. Use the pin to draw a drop of your own blood and place it upon the same paper. Now, proceed to turn off all lights within your house.

Step 3:

Head to the wooden door you have selected to play and put your piece of paper down on the floor in front of the door. Light your candle and place the burning candle on top of the paper.

Candle while playing the Midnight Game.
Leave the burning candle on top of your piece of paper with your name written on it.

Step 4:

You must time this next step carefully. Close the door and proceed to knock upon it 22 times in a row, making sure to deliver the final knock at precisely midnight. You must now open the door and immediately blow out the candle. Now, close the door and relight your candle.

Step 5:

If you have followed these steps correctly, you should have now successfully invited the Midnight Man into your home. Your goal now is to avoid running into the Midnight Man. Ensure you keep your lit candle, salt and matches/lighter on your person throughout this entire game.

Step 6:

You must begin to walk quietly around your house holding onto your lit flame. This candle must remain your only source of light. Make sure not to stay in any one place for too long as this increases your chances of being captured by the Midnight Man. If at any time during the game your candle is blown out, you must immediately relight it within 10 seconds. Continue this step until 3.33 am. If you fail to relight your candle, you must immediately surround yourself with a circle of salt and remain in the protected space until the end of the game.

Midnight Game, Midnight Man.
Playing the Midnight Game and trying to avoid the Midnight Man.

Step 7:

3.33 am marks the end of the game. At this time you may stop walking around your home or exit your salt circle. It is advised that you also turn on all lights within your home. But, remain vigilant as the Midnight Man may not have left your house.

Warnings About Playing

Although these internet games seem like some harmless fun, you should always take care when calling on spirits. You never know who you might interact with. Other notes about this game are listed below.

  • More than one player can participate at once. They will need to follow the same steps as outlined above.
  • Your candle must remain your only source of light throughout the game.
  • You should not exit your house once you have called upon the Midnight Man.
  • If captured by the Midnight Man he may make you hallucinate your worst fears or remove your organs one by one!
  • You might see the Midnight Man as a shadow figure, feel him around when the temperature drops, or even hear his whispers. This is how you will know he is near.
  • You should only use your own blood for the ritual.
  • You should under no circumstances provoke the Midnight Man.

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Comments (11)

  • alexis

    Posted by alexis on November 2, 2020

    Im only 12 should i play this oop and if i play any of these games will i still go to heaven


      Posted by Amy on November 3, 2020

      Anyone can play this one. Don’t be scared, it likely is not real. The game was probably invented and passed around through internet to invoke fear in young people. It likely holds no real danger to anyone. I played it and I was fine.

  • Logan C

    Posted by Logan C on March 8, 2022

    Sir um why would he rip out his organs….SHould I even play this, I’m not willing to take the risk I’m so scared now I hide in my blankets when I sleep. I’m not a baby . Plus, what does the Midnight Man even look like anyway. Is this game real anyway, hell nah, i’m not playin this game


      Posted by Amy on March 22, 2022

      This is a paranormal game largely based on legend, so there is no definitive proof that it is real or poses any harm. If you are scared though or it makes you feel uncomfortable, then best not to play.

  • Nick

    Posted by Nick on March 25, 2022

    What Exactly Happens If You Exit Your Home After The Midnight Man Is Invited?


      Posted by Amy on April 3, 2022

      The tales aren’t clear, but in any case I would take this game with a grain of salt. There are no known, confirmed cases of anyone being harmed playing this game. Mind you though, you should always be careful when using candles as the risk of fire or injury with candles is definitely real.

  • logan

    Posted by logan on June 4, 2022

    i played this game before and i got no creepy things but when you play you seel the deal by burning the paper with your name and the other players this game is a 1 to 4 player game

  • anonymous2224

    Posted by anonymous2224 on November 5, 2022

    he wont leave


      Posted by Amy on January 3, 2023

      Take the game with a grain of salt. I don’t believe there have been any instances where a paranormal game has caused physical harm to anybody.

  • cara

    Posted by cara on November 1, 2023

    I’ve read a book based on this game before it was very interesting

  • Gabz

    Posted by Gabz on January 9, 2024

    I played the game and I think I got caught. I could feel cold air on my feet and breath, I tryed to run and every mirror i looked in I could see him looking right back at me, i poured one entire salt shaker on the floors of my house: I have been having nightmares of my worst fears ever since. Hallucinations havent been getting any better, honestly, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME OR ELSE you will end up like me, every night, NIGHTMARES, HALLUCINATIONS, ALL OF YOUR WORST FEARS. K! BYEEEEEE

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