Port Adelaide’s Scariest Ghost: Jenkins Street

Port Adelaide’s Scariest Ghost: Jenkins Street

Jenkins Street, Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide is one of the most historic and haunted areas of South Australia. The Port dates back to the 1830s, with it being made up of swamplands and mangroves before this. The area was to quickly gain a reputation for being a tough place to live, where murder, disease and drunken individuals being shanghaied to work on ships was a way of life. Just a few reasons why Port Adelaide earned itself the nickname, Port Misery.

Haunted Port Adelaide.
Port Adelaide is claimed to be one of the most haunted areas of South Australia.

Though there are many ghost stories told about Port Adelaide, there is one that stands out as particularly creepy and that centers on the unsuspecting Jenkins Street.

Haunted Jenkins Street, Port Adelaide.
Jenkins Street, a haunted location with a creepy ghost story.

Ghosts of Jenkins Street Port Adelaide

Jenkins Street is a small, quiet place that sees limited traffic, due to only hosting a few factories and a large clearing of land. Though the street is overlooked and rarely visited it does have a rather peculiar ghost story.

Night shot of the haunted street in Port Adelaide.
Monitoring the haunted street with a night-vision camera in hopes of capturing a ghost.

A security guard who was stationed overnight along this street claims to have had a terrifying encounter with a paranormal being. This man was sitting in his car one night, monitoring the area, when he saw what appeared to be a woman slowly walking through the empty clearing of land that runs beside the narrow street. He watched as the woman walked by and noticed she was holding a baby. He described this young child, who turned to look at him, as being unnatural and having either black or missing eyes.

Ghost lady sighting in Port Adelaide.
Clearing of land where the woman and her baby have been sighted.

Before he could react, properly take in what he was seeing or get a description of the woman, the pair disappeared into the night. Interestingly, this is not the only sighting of a ghostly woman walking around the area to be reported. It remains unclear as to who this woman actually is, but given the long, dark history of Port Adelaide, it seems plausible that ghosts could wander every corner.

Visiting the Haunted Jenkins Street

Jenkins Street is a public place that can be accessed at any time. There is not much to this particular location, yet it does have a rather creepy feeling in the dead of night.

Haunted Jenkins Street South Australia.
Looking for the ghosts of Jenkins Street.

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