Haunting of the National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide

Haunting of the National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide

The National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide is an area of South Australia that is extremely rich in history. Only adding to this is the National Railway Museum, which lies in the heart of the Port. The museum boasts over 100 exhibits that show off rail-related memorabilia including steam engines and upper-class carriages that have traveled all over Australia.

Large train inside of National Railway Museum.
Light gleaming off a large engine inside the National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide.

Although the National Railway Museum of Port Adelaide is a favorite amongst families during the day, the museum takes on a different feeling in the dead of night. This resting place for trains that served a by-gone era fits perfectly into the Port’s reputation of being a haunted area.

Haunted train carriage inside Port Adelaide museum.
Staring into the entry to one of the supposedly haunted carriages inside of the museum.

Ghosts of the Railway Museum

The harsh and dangerous nature of work commonly performed around trains meant that death was a risk and reality on the rails. Some of the exhibits within Port Adelaide’s National Railway Museum do have dark histories linked to them, including Australia’s first terrorist attack and the death of a young man, who was horrifically crushed. This dark history seems to fit in with some of the paranormal encounters visitors have claimed to have had within the museum.

Haunted trains inside museum in South Australia.
Dimly lit walkways running beside trains inside the National Railway Museum.

The sightings of apparitions are frequently reported within the museum, particularly at night. These can be described as full-bodied apparitions, dark shadowy figures walking through trains or along platforms and even as faces peering through dimly lit train windows at passers-by.

Ghost train inside museum.
Black train inside of the museum.

In addition to visual sightings, people have also reported becoming overwhelmed with sudden emotions, hearing taps, footsteps, voices and whistles. Some have even reported passing through extremely cold patches of space.

Brake Van inside the National Railway Museum.
The haunted Brake Van inside Port Adelaide’s National Railway Museum.

Visiting The National Railway Museum of Port Adelaide

The National Railway Museum of Port Adelaide is open daily and tickets can be purchased ahead of time online. If you are specifically interested in experiencing the museum after dark, joining a ghost tour or even conducting a full paranormal investigation, check out Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons.

Haunted old train museum.
Looking for the ghosts of this old train museum.

If you are interested in other haunted locations in South Australia, I highly recommend checking out Old Tailem Town Pioneer Village.

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