Ghosts of the Prince of Wales Inn: Most Haunted Pub in Wales

Ghosts of the Prince of Wales Inn: Most Haunted Pub in Wales

The Prince of Wales Inn

A historic pub that at first glance, doesn’t look out of the ordinary, rests peacefully in the countryside of Wales. Known as the Prince of Wales Inn, locals will tell you that there is a lot more to this building than first meets the eye.

Old and haunted pub in Wales.
A look at the stone exterior of one of Wales’ oldest and most haunted pubs.

The long history surrounding the pub has given rise to a number of ghost stories and many people consider this to be one of the most haunted places in Wales. The building dates back to the 15th century and was initially utilized as a town hall for the people of Kenfig, as their last one had been engulfed by sand dunes, which still surround the pub to this day. Ever since its conception, the building has remained a part of the surrounding community. In addition to being a town hall, it has also been used as a court, place of trade, a school, to hold dancing festivals and it has even been used as a mortuary serving nearby shipwrecks.

Bar at haunted Prince of Wales Pub.
The well-stocked bar at the haunted Prince of Wales Inn.

Could the centuries of history related to the Prince of Wales Inn have trapped energies within the walls of this ancient building? The many legends and ghost stories surrounding the pub may have you believe so.

Decorated walls inside of the haunted Prince of Wales Inn.
The heavily decorated walls of this ancient stone building likely conceal many stories of their own.

Hauntings of the Prince of Wales Inn

There are many different reports of paranormal occurrences, as well as many spirits thought to dwell within the Prince of Wales Inn. One of the best-known types of unexplainable phenomena to occur within this old building is of the auditory kind. The first real documentation of strange sounds dates back to the 1980s. The landlord of the time, as well as his wife, would allegedly hear what appeared to be the sounds of the Sunday School organ playing by itself. These would come from within the empty old town hall late each night. Curiously, whenever the couple would enter the dark, empty room to investigate what was creating these sounds, they would suddenly cease.

Haunted town hall in Kenfig, Wales.
The notoriously haunted old town hall of the Prince of Wales Inn in Kenfig.

Due to the frequency of noise occurring in this empty room, sound experts were called in to investigate. Many recordings were set up in the empty room and were able to record sounds such as the organ, knocks, footsteps and even human voices. One of the theories put forward to explain this phenomenon was that sound had potentially gotten stuck in the ancient stone walls that surround the room. Continuing to play years after passing.

Former town hall of Kenfig inside the haunted Prince of Wales Inn.
Another view inside the most haunted area of the Prince of Wales Inn, the former Town Hall.

Many people have reported feeling the sensation of something unseen within the Prince of Wales Inn. Both children and animals, in particular dogs, seem to be affected by this the most. The old town hall is an active place where many have felt as though they’ve been touched or had their clothing pulled on. The staff even admitted to me during my visit to have seen glowing red eyes peering out at them from an opening in the roof leading to the attic.

Prince of Wales Pub lit up at night.
The eerie stone building illuminated at night time.

However, it is not just the town hall area of the pub which is allegedly haunted. Other strange occurrences have been reported in the actual pub downstairs and outside near the old gallows. Some have claimed to hear disembodied voices, see an elderly lady, smell an unexplained putrid stench, hear footsteps and even witness poltergeist activity.

Haunted pub in Wales.
Another view of this haunted pub’s exterior.

Visiting the Prince of Wales Inn

Although there are some frightening occurrences to have been reported within the haunted Prince of Wales Inn, there is no denying that this is one of the warmest and friendly establishment you will encounter in Wales. If you get the chance to pass through the area, I highly recommend a visit. The pub’s food and drink are top-notch, the history of the building is amazing and the staff are very welcoming and open to chatting about their ghostly inhabitants.

Haunted inn of Wales.
Looking for the ghosts of the haunted Prince of Wales Pub!

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