Ghosts of the Ancient Ram Inn: Most Haunted Place in England

Ghosts of the Ancient Ram Inn: Most Haunted Place in England

Ancient Ram Inn

From the outside, the Ancient Ram Inn doesn’t look like much. It’s dry cracked walls and wearing roof tiles show the age of the building, which was established back in 1145. The Ancient Ram Inn has gained notoriety from its dark history, ghost stories and alleged demonic residents. The building is now considered one of the most haunted places in England, if not the entire world.

Ram heads in Ancient Ram Inn, England.
Taxidermy ram’s heads adorning the downstairs fireplace of the haunted Ancient Ram Inn, England.

The Ancient Ram in actually lies where two Ley Lines intersect, one of those also intersecting directly through Stone Henge. Ley Lines are thought to be of spiritual significance with intentional alignments through sites of great importance. It is thought that the Ancient Ram Inn feeds off the energy produced by these Ley Lines and gains further energy from the ever mysterious Stone Henge. Add to this the fact that the Ancient Ram Inn is built over wells, being constantly surrounded by water, which is another factor thought to drive spiritual energy. Though it is also thought that this water has actually opened up a dark portal directly beneath the inn!

Inside the Ancient Ram Inn.
Staircase inside of the haunted Ancient Ram Inn.

Another interesting piece of information that adds weight to the legends of the Ancient Ram Inn, is that it is built right over the top of a 5000 year old Pagan burial ground. This claim was solidified after the skeletal remains of a woman and child were uncovered underneath the floor of the inn. An iron dagger was found lying within their bones, which gave life to rumors that the bodies were actually victims of a human sacrifice ritual.

Bishop's Room in the Ancient Ram Inn.
Artwork decorating the Bishop’s Room of the Ancient Ram Inn, thought to be the building’s most haunted room.

After the Ancient Ram Inn was built, it was initially owned by the St. Mary’s Church. They used the building to house slaves that worked to build a nearby church, rumored to be joined to the inn by an underground tunnel. After this, the inn passed between many owners until the most recent and famed owner, John Humphries, moved in. John lived within the residence until his recent death and the ownership of the Ancient Ram Inn has now passed onto his daughters.

Toys inside the Ancient Ram Inn's Witches Room.
Creepy toys resting on the bed inside the haunted Witches Room in the Ancient Ram Inn.

John Humphries claimed to have found evidence of Satanic rituals being conducted within the Inn and even spoke out publicly of demonic presences that haunted the inn, both an Incubus and a Succubus. Though, in addition to these demonic entities many other spirits are thought to remain within the Ancient Ram Inn.

Looking for ghosts inside the Bishop's Room in the Ancient Ram Inn.
Furnishings of the Bishop’s Room on the first floor of the Ancient Ram Inn.

The Haunted Ancient Ram Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn is a place where much energy is thought to dwell. It is this, paired with the many deaths, murders and dark history associated with the building that have caused the many hauntings within the property.

Medieval window in Ancient Ram Inn.
The oldest part of the Ancient Ram Inn. A medieval window frame can be seen on the right hand side.

Entering the building from the back entrance leads into the Ancient Ram Inn’s oldest structures. This part of the inn was built sometime in the 1200s and even contains a medieval window frame. Following past this room into the former bar area reveals a large hole in the concrete flooring made into a make shift grave marker. It was here that the skeletal remains of what are possibly human sacrifices were uncovered. The rest of the floor is also thought to contain many more graves, yet the decision to not disturb these was made. Dark shadow figures are common in this area as well as disembodied sounds. The ghost of a woman murdered by highway men is rumored to haunt this area.

Where skeletal remains unearthed inside Ancient Ram Inn.
Disturbed ground where human skeletal remains were uncovered right underneath the inn.

Following the flow of the building brings one to the entrance of the barn, which was built sometime in the 1800s. This area is allegedly haunted by a male spirit who has taken a liking to blonde women visiting the area. He is said to sometimes touch them on the breasts and behind. Another entity is said to lurk within the barn. This spirit is apparently a dark mass, standing tall at 7 feet. He mostly appears in the entrance to the barn and can be quite aggressive towards men that he feels threatened by, pushing them out of his space.

Ancient Ram Inn's Barn.
The haunted barn area of the Ancient Ram Inn.

Ascending the first set of stairs within the inn brings one to the first floor. The first bedroom on this floor has earned itself quite a reputation and the name ‘The Witches Room.’ Sometime in the 1500s a woman looking for refuge apparently stayed in this room. She was later caught and burned at the stake for witchcraft. This older woman is now thought to haunt the room, giving birth to its name – The Witches Room. Though she dislikes the term ‘witch.’ She has manifested herself to many and commonly appears in the front window of the inn to passers by on the street. Her spirit is joined in this room by that of her black cat and a couple of children who are rumored to have been murdered here. During my investigation at the Ancient Ram Inn I captured a peculiar temperature reading in this room of 66.6, coincidence or paranormal? Watch the full video of my investigation and be the judge.

Witches Room in Ancient Ram Inn, England.
Inside the Witches Room.

The second bedroom on this floor is considered to be the most haunted room in the Ancient Ram Inn. It is know as the Bishop’s Room, since it is where Bishops stayed back in the day and is coincidentally haunted by several bishops. In addition, a dark monk has been sighted here. These entities are all described as being quite evil in nature. Others have even caught a glimpse of a Roman Centurion passing through the walls of this bedroom. Though the most sinister presences of the inn are thought to visit this room. John Humphries, the inn’s former owner, used this room as his bedroom. He claimed that an Incubus and Succubus would visit him during the night and that he had even been raped by them several times. He also claims to have been thrown across the room by an invisible force during his first night staying within the inn.

Haunted Bishop's Room, Ancient Ram Inn, England.
Beds inside the haunted Bishop’s Room.

Heading up the next staircase in the inn leads to the attic. This is the final room within the inn and one that was converted to a bedroom for the previous owner’s daughter. Heavy dragging noises moving across the floorboards are commonly heard within this room, and have even been heard moving across the roof of the Bishop’s Room, which lies directly underneath. Shadow figures and unexplainable knocking noises across the roof are also reported within this room. The attic is also thought to be haunted by an innkeeper’s daughter who was murdered there during the 1500s.

Scary Ancient Ram Inn, attic bedroom.
Upstairs inside the attic converted to a bedroom.

Visiting the Haunted Ancient Ram Inn

These days the Ancient Ram Inn sits empty and closed off to the public for overnight stays. For those brave enough to visit and experience the inn’s paranormal activity though, ghost hunts can be booked through Haunted Happenings.

Ancient Ram Inn attic.
Another view of the inside of the attic.

Ghost Hunts allow investigators (both experienced and beginners) within the inn from 9pm to 3am. Ghost stories and history of the building are explained by the tour operators, who also facilitate activities such as table tipping, ouija board communication and spirt box use. They also bring an array of paranormal equipment that can be used to gain further insights into changes in each rooms environment. I highly recommend booking through this company, they are professional, fun and informative.

Wall inside Ancient Ram Inn.
Newspaper clippings decorating the walls of England’s most haunted place, the Ancient Ram Inn.

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