Ghost Hole Mine: Haunted Mount Coot-Tha, Queensland

Ghost Hole Mine: Haunted Mount Coot-Tha, Queensland

Ghost Hole Mine

Ghost Hole Mine is an abandoned gold mine, which now forms a popular and mysterious hiking trail in the Mount Coot-Tha region of Queensland, Australia. While the mine itself is now sealed and closed-off, certainly not much to look at, the area contains a great deal of history from by-gone days of Australian mining.

Sign directing to the haunted Ghost Hole Mine.
Signage for the haunted Ghost Hole Track.

Ghost Hole Mine was by most accords a rather unsuccessful venture. The only records of gold leaving the mine were that of two parcels of crushed rock. These were then sent for processing in 1940. The mine was to gradually lose interest after this, with its imminent closure happening in 1959 after its rent was not paid.

Sealed off entrance to the Ghost Hole Mine.
The closed-off entrance to the haunted Ghost Hole Mine on Mount Coot-Tha.

Today, winding trails lead those who follow its path through dense, dry vegetation containing abundant Australian wildlife. A thick and eerie atmosphere meets those who arrive at the closed-off entrance to this former mine. Stories and legends have developed around this area and many now claim the trail to be one of the most haunted places in Brisbane.

Haunted hiking trail in Brisbane, Australia.
Hiking a haunted trail in Australia at night.

Hauntings of Ghost Hole Mine, Mount Coot-Tha

The entire area of Mount Coot-Tha has a dark history, one filled with murder, attacks and even suicide. It is believed that some of these dark deeds could have played out in the area of the Ghost Hole Mine. Interestingly, the name of this particular mine may have no link to the hauntings of the area, yet that doesn’t make this location any less notorious.

Looking for the ghosts of Ghost Hole Mine.
Checking out the abandoned, former gold mine, the Ghost Hole Mine.

Many people have claimed to have had paranormal experiences in the vicinity of the Ghost Hole Mine. These range from sighting figures, apparitions, hearing unexplainable sounds and even capturing voice anomalies on recordings. One team of paranormal investigators, Haunted Down Under, has claimed to make contact with the spirits of Ghost Hole Mine during some of their own paranormal investigations. It is believed that there may be up to three females and at least one male, who is not so fond of ladies, in the area.

Former mining tram track at the Ghost Hole Mine.
Abandoned tram tracks slowly deteriorating across the creek.

It is unclear as to who these ghosts may be or why they exist in the area that surrounds the Ghost Hole Mine. One thing is for certain though, there are some strange legends focussed around Mount Coot-Tha.

Haunted hiking trail.
A haunted hiking trail where many apparitions have been seen.

Visiting Ghost Hole Mine

Ghost Hole Mine is a publicly accessible hiking trail. It possesses parking spaces at its entrance and is not too intense of a walk. When reaching the signpost that states Ghost Hole Track, make sure to take the path that leads off downhill to the right. This will take you towards the mine.

Haunted mine in Brisbane.
Conducting a paranormal investigation at Brisbane’s haunted Ghost Hole Mine.

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  • Silvana

    Posted by Silvana on January 15, 2022

    My friend and I both walked part of this trail this morning. I believe two ghosts communicated with us through my Apple Watch this morning. I had no idea that the track was haunted. I was talking to my friend about how she should leave her husband home and go on a bushwalking weekend adventure to Springbrook when my phone started talking to me saying ‘that’s not very nice’ and then … ‘and dumb’. The sentences were in different coloured text suggesting that there may have been two ghosts. The wording was shown on my watch. So strange!


      Posted by Amy on February 11, 2022

      That is strange. Thanks for sharing.

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