Haunted Toowong Cemetery: Ghosts and Vampires

Haunted Toowong Cemetery: Ghosts and Vampires

Toowong Cemetery, Australia

Toowong Cemetery spreads over sprawling hills. Divided by winding roads carving through the seemingly endless scattered graves. The burial ground itself covers some 250 acres and contains a staggering amount of bodies with over 120,000 people laid to rest on its grounds. Although the sheer size of Toowong Cemetery is certainly impressive, it is no match for the creepy legends that have circulated about the notorious haunt.

Graves under a tree in haunted Toowong Cemetery.
Shaded graves standing tall in the haunted Toowong Cemetery.

Ghosts of Toowong Cemetery

Toowong Cemetery dates back to 1866 and has accumulated its fair share of sinister legends over the years. One of the best-known legends revolves around the appropriately nick-named Spook Hill. This area is comprised of the hill that Avenue 12 extends over. Supposedly two sisters are buried together at the top of this hill. Rumor has it that these two sisters were killed in a car accident and now have a strange reaction to cars approaching their gravesite. A prevalent urban legend that has circulated the Brisbane area states that cars parked in neutral at the bottom of this hill will be pulled upwards in a supernaturally fueled gravity defining show. Unfortunately, upon testing this legend it did not work as foretold.

Thousands of graves scattered across Brisbane's haunted Toowong Cemetery.
Rolling hills lined with thousands of graves.

An equally popular and intriguing legend that focusses in on the same area details a vampire. Supposedly this story’s origins date back to the turn of the century when a woman’s grave was exhumed for an unknown reason. Peculiarly, this woman’s body was found to be perfectly preserved, when it should very well have begun to decompose, and elongated fang-like teeth were found within her mouth. Following this, many sightings of a woman dressed in 19th-century garb with long dark hair were reported at the foot of Spook Hill. To this day, the story remains unsubstantiated by historical events and no one truly knows if this woman is a real vampire, or perhaps a misrepresented ghost.

Full moon over Toowong Cemetery, most haunted cemetery in Brisbane.
The outlines of graves in Toowong Cemetery against the full moon and night sky.

Many other ghastly stories exist about Toowong Cemetery. Some detail a mysterious entity some have coined the Angel of Death, that hisses at passers-by. Others tell of ghost sightings and unexplainable phenomena with reports dating as far back as WWII. All of these stories are chilling in their own right.

The many graves of Toowong Cemetery.
Over 10o thousand graves are crammed into this spooky cemetery.

Visiting the Haunted Toowong Cemetery

Toowong Cemetery is open daily and covers an expanse area. Roads are present all throughout the cemetery and accessible during opening hours. We found it difficult to navigate the roads as they have changed from a numeric naming system (e.g. 12th Avenue) to a naming system that honors past historical figures in the Brisbane area. We managed to locate 12th Avenue thanks to matching up old maps we discovered online.

Haunted cemetery in Brisbane, Australia.
Broken tombstones in an aging legendary cemetery.

If you are interested in other haunted cemeteries in the Brisbane area, I highly recommend checking out Goodna Cemetery.

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