Ghosts of Nudgee Cemetery in Queensland, Australia

Ghosts of Nudgee Cemetery in Queensland, Australia

Nudgee Cemetery, Queensland

On the outskirts of Brisbane lies the sprawling Nudgee Cemetery, which dates back to 1867. Modern graves meet aging tombstones, each representing people from Queensland’s past and each having a story to tell. This cemetery was the first of its kind in Brisbane, being the original Catholic burial ground and growing to be the largest in the area.

Haunted Nudgee Cemetery Queensland.
Towering monuments lining the haunted Nudgee Cemetery.

The cemetery continues to hold many people who were noteworthy and important in the Queensland region, yet also contains some spooky stories. Many people consider the cemetery to be haunted with countless visitors claiming to experience paranormal activity within the Nudgee Cemetery.

Paranormal Activity in Nudgee Cemetery

A number of strange occurrences have been reported within the Nudgee Cemetery. This has led many people to believe that it is one of the most haunted places in the Brisbane area. The atmosphere of the burial ground has been described by some as dark and uninviting, yet there is no clear reason for these negative descriptors.

Moon over Nudgee Cemetery.
Moonlight breaking through cloud cover amplifying the spooky feel of this haunted burial ground.

One of the spirits said to haunt the Nudgee Cemetery is that of a young female. This little girl has been sighted by many visitors who have entered the cemetery after dark. They report capturing a quick glimpse of her ghost walking through the tombstones at pace, before completely dissolving into thin air. Her identity is unknown and no one truly knows why she haunts the cemetery. It can only be speculated that she is buried there and remains in confusion.

Night time at Nudgee Cemetery in Queensland, Australia.
Nudgee Cemetery by night.

The final piece of paranormal activity that has been experienced within the cemetery is sightings of peculiar light anomalies. These have been seen by visitors’ naked eyes and some of them have even claimed to capture them in photographs.

Haunted cemetery path.
Pathway leading through graves where ghosts are said to dwell.

Visiting Nudgee Cemetery

The Nudgee Cemetery is still accepting interments and is open year-round. The graves cover an expansive area of land and visitors should come prepared for a long walk if they intend to cover the entire area.

Haunted cemetery in Brisbane, Australia.
Looking for the ghosts of Nudgee Cemetery.

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