Ernest Junction Tunnel: Haunted Queensland, Australia

Ernest Junction Tunnel: Haunted Queensland, Australia

Ernest Junction Tunnel

The Ernest Junction Tunnel lies in the underbelly of a sleepy suburb just outside of Brisbane, Australia. It is an imposing, dark passage cloaked in rather sinister graffiti.

Ernest Junction Tunnel in Queensland, Australia.
Sign at the entrance to the haunted Ernest Junction Tunnel.

The tunnel was once an important pass-through for the South Coast Railway Line. Today the tunnel has been abandoned, yet is preserved as a piece of Queensland’s rail history. The Ernest Junction Tunnel was constructed in 1888 and served until 1964 when it saw the last passenger train pass through.

Haunted train tunnel in Australia.
Entrance to the notoriously haunted Ernest Junction Tunnel in Australia.

Although an abandoned train tunnel doesn’t possess the usual dark history that accompanies haunted locations, there are some particularly creepy legends circulating about the Ernest Junction Tunnel.

Hauntings of the Ernest Junction Tunnel

Many who have visited the Ernest Junction Tunnel have claimed to have had paranormal experiences. One of the popular ghost stories that exists about the tunnel is that of a homeless man. Rumour has it that this man was using the tunnel to seek shelter from the weather when he was murdered. Ever since his ghost is thought to lurk within the dark tunnel to haunt the area.

Haunted Tunnel at night in Australia.
The abandoned and haunted train tunnel illuminated at night.

Another spirit that is commonly reported to exist at the Ernest Junction Tunnel is that of a young boy. Information on this spirit and his origin are limited and it is unclear as to how or why he would be haunting the tunnel.

Haunted train tunnel in Australia.
Walking through the dark tunnel in search of its ghosts.

Perhaps the most sinister of all the legends associated with the Ernest Junction Tunnel is that of Satanic Rituals being performed in the area. This is thought to have brought some type of dark energy to the area. Although it is likely that these claims have been sensationalized, there was some evidence of rituals being performed at the tunnel when I visited.

Satanic rituals were supposedly performed at the Ernest Junction Tunnel.
Symbols and candles scattered throughout the tunnel. Could they have been used in rituals or just left there by vandals?

Visiting Queensland’s Haunted Train Tunnel

The Ernest Junction Tunnel is easy to access and always open to the public. To reach the tunnel one must follow a short, gravel trail descending a steep hill. At one end of the tunnel, information boards describing the history of the area are displayed. It is important to note that the tunnel is maintained by the local community and not the council, so be sure to show respect and remove any rubbish.

Walking into the haunted Ernest Junction Tunnel.
Entering the notoriously haunted former train tunnel to perform a paranormal investigation.

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  • jen krajewski

    Posted by jen krajewski on November 19, 2019

    love your videos. they are what got me into hauntings and investigating them. cant wait to see more…you guys are awesome!!


      Posted by Amy on November 19, 2019

      Thank you so much Jen. Please do let me know if you capture any compelling evidence of the paranormal or ghosts.

  • Faith Sargent

    Posted by Faith Sargent on January 12, 2020

    Amy you really should check out mounds park st.paul Minneapolis theirs hills there where theres native amarican burial grounds its very bad at night my family and i lived around there all my life and when anyone walks pass at night they see natives danceing and sing and people said they ben touch and pushed to the ground just worth checking out i love your videos your the only utube that tells history of the places you visit


      Posted by Amy on January 12, 2020

      Thanks for reading and for the suggestion, Faith! I appreciate this and will add it to my list, it sounds creepy.

  • lillybee

    Posted by lillybee on February 27, 2020

    I can definitely say there are some weird goings on at this place. I’ve investigated it with a small brissie group a couple of times and we had some really strange things happens. On one occasion we got some great evp’s of a male voice, a large black shadow that was seen by a few of us and one of the people in our group saw what looked to her like an 11-13 yr old girl.


      Posted by Amy on March 3, 2020

      Thanks for reading and leaving me a comment, Lillybee! It is really cool to hear about others’ experiences within the Ernest Junction Tunnel. It is definitely a strange place!

  • Kiara

    Posted by Kiara on June 10, 2020

    My mother has always told be about the station tunnel, she use to go down there as a teen and hang out there with mates. She always said on the other side of the tunnel was a group of absolute weirdos and one night they went to the other side and saw them with a whole lot of cats and they were harming them.
    Odd things happen there


      Posted by Amy on June 13, 2020

      Thanks for sharing this, Kiara. That is a creepy story and sad to know such dark events have transpired at the tunnel.

  • Malik

    Posted by Malik on October 13, 2020

    Hi Amy
    We filmed a music video there today and when we were loading out footage on to the computer we noticed a shadowy figure at the entrance of the tunnel walk up with a lantern, look and then turn around and walk the other way.


      Posted by Amy on October 13, 2020

      Wow, that is awesome. Thanks for sharing. What did the figure look like? I hope your music video did well.

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