The Ghost of Hayman Road and Carclew Cemetery, South Australia

The Ghost of Hayman Road and Carclew Cemetery, South Australia

Hayman Road and Carclew Cemetery

Hayman Road is a typical rural road in South Australia. It cuts through farmland before coming to a sudden stop as it reaches the Gawler River. There’s not a thing about this road that would make a passerby feel as though anything is amiss. That is until you consider an intersecting road where a small church, newly renovated into a private residence, holding an attached graveyard is located.

Spooky and haunted Hayman Road in South Australia.
The beginning of Hayman Road in South Australia.

It is the small, inconspicuous Carclew Cemetery, which gives interest to a ghost sighting that occurred along Hayman Road A long time ago.

Full moon over Carclew Cemetery tombstone.
The tombstone of Sarah Elizabeth illuminated by the light of a full moon.

Ghost Sighting Along Hayman Road, South Australia

This story was one that was shared with me by my own husband. He had this experience he had when he was much younger while driving along Hayman Road.

Carclew Cemetery at night.
Nighttime inside one of South Australia’s haunted graveyards.

He was dropping a friend home after taking her on a date to see a movie. He took a route to her house that was unfamiliar to both of them. When they passed by Hayman Road, they took the turn, unaware that this was a different Hayman Road to the one they knew in the same area. After learning that this was, in fact, the incorrect road and a dead end, they turned back, making their way to the main road.

Moonlit cemetery in South Australia.
A moonlit cemetery!

Though my husband didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, the girl he was with seemed a bit confused and frazzled as they reached the end of the road. He asked if she was alright and she responded by asking if he had seen the lady on the road? He did not, so she added that she had seen a woman on the road who went underneath his car as he drove and vaporized.

Stars and cemetery at night.
Stars shine over Carclew Cemetery in Angle Vale at night.

Startled and surprised, they went back to check they hadn’t actually hit and injured someone. They found no signs of another person in the area or damage to the car so moved on.

Eventually, they were able to find the correct Hayman Road and the girl’s home. Later, after looking up why there were two Hayman Roads in the area, my husband was to discover there was a small graveyard just off Hayman Road, right in the area this vaporizing woman was seen. Could this have been a stray spirit from the graveyard wandering onto the road?

Visiting Hayman Road and Carclew Cemetery

You will find this small graveyard at the intersections of Carclew and Hayman Roads in Angle Vale, South Australia. The cemetery is council-owned but attached to a historic church that has now been converted into a private residence, so please be respectful of the inhabitants. The sighting of the ghostly woman occurred right around the intersection of these roads and I am not aware of any other sightings or activity that may have occurred in this area. If you have any information about any, I would love to hear from you!

Haunted Hayman Road South Australia.
The possibly haunted Hayman Road.

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  • Ken Conklin

    Posted by Ken Conklin on November 4, 2019

    They used to be in old poor farm in tazewell county, near Tremont. It became the tazewell county health department. There were only a few people that could see the ghosts. apparently some people are more sensitive to the spiritual than others. I’m just as grateful not to be sensitive if it’s something grisley.


      Posted by Amy on November 7, 2019

      That is interesting! Thanks for reading and for the info, Ken!

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