Old Tailem Town: South Australia’s Haunted Pioneer Village

Old Tailem Town: South Australia’s Haunted Pioneer Village

Old Tailem Town

Rusting cars, antique dolls and cracked face mannequins fill the many buildings of Old Tailem Town, Australia’s largest pioneer village. Over one hundred original buildings line the streets of this artificial town, each with their own histories and stories to tell.

Spooky streets of Old Tailem Town.
Artificial roads lined with a series of buildings relocated from elsewhere.

Old Tailem Town was built as a tourist attraction in 1982 to resemble the life of South Australia’s early settlers from the mid-1800s. The structures that now make up Old Tailem Town vary in age, though a majority of them are over 100 years old. They have been sourced from various locations around the country, being re-located or reconstructed within Old Tailem Town.

Haunted doll inside Emporium of Old Tailem Town Pioneer Village.
Spooky looking child’s doll, sitting in the Emporium, which is crammed with old antiques and memorabilia.

With so many old artifacts and buildings of differing backgrounds, Old Tailem Town has captured the interest of many history enthusiasts. It also managed to capture the interest paranormal investigators over the years after many experiences and encounters with supposed ghosts were reported.

Haunted theater inside Old Tailem Town.
Inside the old theater of Tailem Town, which many claim to be one of its haunted destinations.

Hauntings of Old Tailem Town

Old Tailem Town has gained notoriety throughout both South Australia and Australia, as being an extremely haunted place. The mix of historic buildings, filled with various antiques and the fact that there had already been some deaths upon the property before the pioneer village was even established, created the perfect environment to house ghosts.

Inside the Haunted Emporium of Old Tailem Town.
Eyeless mannequin with a craked face lurking within one of Old Tailem Town’s most haunted buildings.

One of the most haunted buildings within the attraction is the old Wolsely Church. Standing tall over many of the other structures in the village and being framed by old tombstones relocated from a cemetery where land was being reclaimed, the church commands attention from visitors in more ways than one. Many have reported feeling strange sensations when entering the church, sighting shadow figures and even sighting a small child believed to have died on the property a long time ago.

Haunted church at Old Tailem Town.
Searching for ghosts amongst the tombstones that frame the town’s old church.

Other haunted hot spots are the Bent Elbow Hotel, a former private residence and the Emporium, which is possibly the creepiest building in town. The Emporium is comprised of three buildings joined together to form a store that includes men’s, women’s and children’s sections, each filled with nightmarish dolls and mannequins. Shadows, voices, strange sounds and poltergeist activity have all been reported here.

Haunted Emporium at Tailem Bend, South Australia.
Bell’s Emporium, one of the most active paranormal locations of this artificial town.

Visiting Old Tailem Town Pioneer Village

Old Tailem Town is a fascinating destination for anyone who finds themselves in South Australia, particularly for those interested in the paranormal. The town is open during the day as a tourist destination, though those looking for a more thrilling experience can visit at night on an Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons tour. This company offers ghost tours and paranormal investigation nights. Tickets can be purchased through their website ahead of time.

Bent Elbow Hotel at Old Tailem Town.
A haunted hotel that was formerly a private residence in the dark of night,

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