The Old Spot Hotel: Haunted Pub in Adelaide

The Old Spot Hotel: Haunted Pub in Adelaide

The Old Spot Hotel

The Old Spot Hotel is an institution within the Northern suburbs of Adelaide. The pub has served the area since the 1840s, gracing Main North Road before it ever saw the likes of a motor car. It was a popular stopover for travelers making their way from Gawler to Adelaide back when the journey took days. The hotel was even equipped with a single cell jail outback, a popular amenity for the time and those traveling with prisoners bound for the Old Adelaide Gaol.

Haunted Old Spot Hotel, Salisbury.
Standing out the front of the main entrance to the haunted Old Spot Hotel in South Australia.

The historic building has seen numerous name changes over the years, being known as The Stockkeeper, Traveller’s Rest, Litte Para, Para, The Old Spot Inn and since 1884 simply the Old Spot. Though the building has seen some devastation from fire, many renovations and changes made to its structure, it retains much of its original charm and possibly some original occupants, as many claims the building is haunted exist.

Dining area of the haunted Old Spot Hotel.
Inside the dining area of the haunted inn.

Ghosts of the Old Spot Hotel

Given the age and significance of this building, it comes as no surprise that there are also some ghost stories about it. A quick chat with current or past staff members will shine a light on some pretty peculiar experiences at the Old Spot Hotel.

Old Spot Hotel one of the oldest buildings in the area of Salisbury.
Historic black and white photo of the Old Spot Hotel.

The spirit of a male dressed in black, Victorian-era clothing and sporting a top hat has been sighted in the downstairs area of the hotel. Staff have affectionately named this ghost Oscar, despite his mischievous antics. Staff often claim to hear unexplained sounds, have light switches turn on/off on their own and even have some security camera footage of an ice scoop being thrown off their ice machine.

Haunted front bar.
The Old Spot Hotel’s front bar where a lot of paranormal activity is said to happen.

The upstairs area of the hotel is another curious space. Though no sightings of ghosts have ever occurred here, strange activity has been reported by staff and guests. One of the more common things to happen upstairs is to feel as if you are not alone and to hear footsteps behind you when no one is around. This was even a place where I documented an intelligent spirit box response. As I held up a bullet found in the area of the hotel and asked what I had in my hand, the spirit box replied “bullet.”

Trigger objects on a paranormal investigation.
Trigger objects used in a paranormal investigation collected from around the Old Spot Hotel.

Visiting the Haunted Old Spot Hotel

The Old Spot Hotel is a great pub in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide and a favorite within South Australia. Their dining is open for lunch and dinner, plus they also have a front bar, gaming room and overnight accommodation options.

Haunted Old Spot Hotel, South Australia.
The historic facade of a haunted hotel in Salisbury, South Australia.

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